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Sutherland the poulterer

Two of the nativesof New Holland, Advancing to Combat
(attributed to Parkinson)

Read from April 24 - May 2 the Journal
Previously the water jet is sighted.
Banks describing the landsacape from the boat " resembled a lean cow, long hair and scraggy hips. There are sightings of 'smook' which Banks supposes to be for cooking a 'plentiful, breakfast', while Parkinson thinks this smoke ate signals to them. it is now considered that the smoke was signalling along the coast. Cook attempts make contact on shore with the inhabitants. His overtures are rejected and he fires 'some small shotte' which causes the defendant to take up a shield.
Advancing on the indigenous inhabitants to find children hiding behind a shield in a hut containing spears, most of which appeared to be for fishing.
Banks 'we thought it no improper measure to take away all the lances which we could find about the house. Amount in number to forty or fifty.'
In return the party left behind beads and trinkets which they later found untouched.

The shield used for protection is now in the Enlightenment Room, in the British Museum.

Torby Sutherland the poulterer was buried near the watering place haveing died of consumption, and Cook named the Bay after him - later changed, but it remains the Sutherland Shire.


Blogger Helen said...

The shield has one hole in it.

When I first saw this shield behind glass in the British Museum I had an involuntary physical reaction. It caused me to double over and gasp for breath. I had been hit in the stomach through the hole in the shield.

Resonance: ‘ the power of the displayed object to reach out beyond its formal boundaries to a larger world, to evoke in the viewer the complex, dynamic cultural forces from which it has emerged and for which it may be taken by the viewer to stand’
Greenblatt, S, Resonance and Wonder. In Karp and Levine, Exhibiting Cultures, 1991, p42

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