Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'commanding us to go away or daring us to single combat'

Hickes in Parkin. Reading the Beaglehole's abridged Journal May 2-9. Every encounter with the "Indians" is met with resistance or disregard. Banks - " intent on their own employment and not at all regarding us". Pickersgill - "always made signals for us to be gone." and "the inhabitants are so shy we had no intercourse with them".

The shield in the British Museum - at the end of the Enlightenment Room, Main Floor. See Helen's comments. (May 9, 2006)
The naming of Botany Bay sometime around May 6. Initially Stingray Harbour, because of the many stingrays, weighing up to 336lbs (Parkinson) Changed to Botanists' Bay and later Botany Bay. Revised and reviewed through the Logbooks. Perhaps the name was changed after May 6 as the sailors were made sick by eating the stingray.

Banks lays out some 200 quires in order to collect and dry his specimens. Quire - parchment or paper doubled as a form of eight leaves. Unbound in sheets. Can also refer to a pamphlet or book, a short poem, treatise, might be contained in a quire. (quair, queare)

A yawl a small boat with four or six oars, is used to explore the bay. Smaller than a pinnace, a small light vessel generally two masted and schooner rigged. The Endeavour used both.
Through the use of a seine the men catch leatherjacket. Seine, a fishing net designed to hang vertical in the water, the ends being drawn to inclose the fish. There is much description of the largeness of the oysters, mussels and abundance of food in the area. Parkin notes that now the predominant plant in the area is a petro chemical one.


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