Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"we saw two of the most beautiful rainbows my eyes ever beheld"

Parkinson in Parkin

James Cook community garden, tower block, 200 Pitt St, Waterloo.A hill shaped like the crown of a hat. Cook The wind and weather "made all sneer again" when a squall of wind puts strain on spars and rigging.
The journey along the coast north seems reasonably uneventful from May 10-20. Passing from Botany Bay to the Sunshine Coast. Observed along the coast are different land formations - the Three Brothers, Glasshouse Mountains and the islands of Stradbroke. All the way they are followed by many "smooks". Suggested that these fires were being used to send information of their journey.
Again Green observes of the "Indians" that "not one was observed to stop and look upon the ship, entirely unmoved by such a remarkable object the ship must be."

Banks notes porpoises - May 12 and turtles - May 16. Since Botany Bay Parkinson has made some 94 sketches of the specimans collected there. Nicolas Thomas in "Discoveries" refers to Banks' journal where he laments the death of Parkinson, as being a loss related to his drafting skills. Many mentions of a "beautiful spotted water snake". Green, Banks.
Places are named and unnamed Smoky Cape, Mt Warning and Point Danger. Moreton/Morton are named and changed Glasshouse Bay now called Moreton Bay.(After Lord Morton president of the Royal Society. Note spelling differences)
Cook - May 18 "not knowing but which way to sail".

A frustrum a portion or fragment of anything material or immaterial.


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