Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'extraordinary affair happnd to Mr Orton my Clerk'

Captain Cook Hotel, Botany

Read Saturday May 19 to May 26. On Wednesday May 23 Cook writes - "Last night in the Middle watch a very extraordinary affair happend to Mr Orton my Clerk, he having been drinking in the Evening, some Malicious person or persons in the Ship took the advantage of his being drunk and cut off all the cloaths from off his back, not being satisfied with this they some time after went into his Cabbin and cut off a part of both his Ears as he lay asleep in his bed." Orton suspects Magra as he has previously been heard to say "if it was not for the law he would murder him" and he is punished but Cook is unable to find the culprit. (Midshipman Saunders jumps ship at Batavia on June 14)Parkinson notes that the Captain offers a reward of 15 guineas for information

They observe many sharks, fish and birds. Banks appears slightly disinterested, as though he feels he has seen all before, though notes the Boobie. At Indian Head see a grampus - a whale? Nautical term - to blow a grampus - a person given to huffing and puffin. At Bustard Bay a "bustard" is shot and served at the table - which was according to Banks "not only good but plentiful". A bush turkey? 17lbs.

Sighting of a guanica ? possibly think this is like a reddish sheep like creature. Observations about the tides and opening of the brandy and orange juice prepared by Mr Hume, which goes 'ropey'- forming glutinous or viscid or sticky and stringy. At this point they are constantly being led by the chanting of the sounding. According to Parkin they are sailing themselves into a cul-de-sac.
At the Captain Cook Hotel at Botany Bay all that is available is hot pies.

I wonder what can be heard as they chant the soundings of the lead line?
Stephen and Tom have both eaten bush turkey. What were the crew eating while the Captain Banks and his gentlemen ate the "bustard"?


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