Monday, July 17, 2006

everyman exerted his utmost to the preservation of this ship

Captain Cook Backpackers in Cairns, now demolished.
Thanks to Mr Munkhouse and his experience of 'fothering' (the use of wool, oakum and sail to reduce the amount of water being taken in by a leak)the ship limps into Cooktown on June 18. The use of fothering was maintained up until World War II. The sail is wrapped around the hull and sucked into the hole reducing the leak. On June 14 Magra was returned to duties and according to Cook was not guilty of the crime he was supposed to have commmitted (cutting off Mr Orton's ears). Bank's description of the pumping out of the lead is far more dramatic than Cook, who says the men acquitted themselves well. Banks says things like "having nothing but a lock of wool between us and destruction" and the mood changing from one of "almost despondency to the greatest of hopes".
Tuapaia is extremely unwell. Once at harbour they set about the task of repairing the ship. The armourer prepares nails. It is windy and rainy. Some people are seen ashore June 16. They have a bit of trouble negotiating the neptide, Cook is careful that the Endeavour not be taken too high on the sand for its repairs for fear of it being unable to return to the water.
The Discovery Festival was held on June 11/12 2006 which includes the reenactment of Cook's arrival at Cooktown.


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