Tuesday, August 08, 2006

June 2006

Big Cook in Cairns.
Stephen and Tom on way to Cooktown.

Cook and his crew arrive at Endeavour River and the armourer sets to work to make nails. During their stay they collect plants, and turtles. The weather is windy and they repair the ship, which takes almost six weeks. Interactions with local Aborigines are marked by Cook refusing to give up one of the turtles they had caught, which he notes later was due to their shortage of food, particularly meat. Several Aborigines attempt to take a turtle when on board the ship, but are strongly refused. The Aborigines set fire to the area near their tents (in retaliation?)
July 22 One of our people met with three Indians wo men and a boy, he offered them his knife which they returned. July 23 "They seem to set no value on anything save our turtle, which we were least able to share." Clothes and beads are found discarded. Mention of the anthills and collecting greens. A wallaroo is caught and eaten. Descriptions of the kangaroo - being like a greyhound, possums, dingoes and snakes. Banks spends his time "botanising".
August 4th Cook writes about giving equal share (of food) to every man aboard the ship. They are prepared to leave but find each day too windy.


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